Financial Stability and the Lawyer’s Role

Americans work hard pursuing their dreams.  We buy homes, build up businesses, and invest for the future. To achieve true financial stability, you need to ensure your hard-earned assets are protected.  We see examples everyday of individuals making assumptions about critical issues involving their assets or property, only to be burned when they learn they were wrong.  A few of the many examples we have seen include:

  • A couple buying vacant land to build their dream home only to find out the land was unbuildable;
  • An individual setting up a company himself, doing it incorrectly and putting his personal assets at risk for business debts;
  • A business using poorly drafted contracts or no written contracts being unable to collect for services and subjected to large liabilities that could have been avoided; and
  • A couple who took only minimal steps to plan for the transfer of their assets upon death incurring unnecessary costs and suffering unintended consequences (all assets do not automatically go to a person’s spouse upon death).

When taking big steps in life, it is important to work with a good legal team to ensure that you step safely and get the results you intended. Many people opt not to spend the money to have an attorney review their transaction. Consider, though, that while you may save several hundred dollars to avoid the up-front review, if the transaction goes sideways, you will likely spend thousands to hire an attorney or other professional to fix it after the fact. The attorneys at Cooper & Riesterer, PLC can assist with any real estate, business, estate planning or elder care needs. If you have a business, we can perform a business wellness check to review your organization and your contracts.  If you are investing in real property, we can review the transaction to ensure you get what you paid for. When building your assets and planning for your own financial stability, don’t make costly assumptions, get the counsel you need to ensure your foundation is strong and properly protected.

For assistance with any transaction or life event, please reach out to Catherine Riesterer at cathy@crlaw.biz or any of the attorneys at Cooper & Riesterer, PLC.

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