Avoid Medicaid Penalties with a Well-Drafted Personal Care Contract

Did you know that if you are providing care to an older or ailing family member and they are paying you for your services, you could jeopardize their ability to later receive skilled nursing care through Medicaid? Often times, an ailing or older individual would prefer to remain in their private home as long as […]

Taxes on Remote Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way society works, making remote work far more familiar and commonplace. Remote employees have the opportunity to work from the comfort of their own homes, local coffee shop, or even on a beach vacation. This allows employers to attract workers from across the nation. While this flexible work schedule […]

Financial Stability and the Lawyer’s Role

Americans work hard pursuing their dreams.  We buy homes, build up businesses, and invest for the future. To achieve true financial stability, you need to ensure your hard-earned assets are protected.  We see examples everyday of individuals making assumptions about critical issues involving their assets or property, only to be burned when they learn they […]


As a parent, your son or daughter’s final year of high school is a bittersweet experience. You are excited for them as they approach graduation and prepare for what is to come, but the idea of them leaving the nest is almost unimaginable. There is an instinct to shield them from misfortune, even though they […]

New Michigan Laws could Affect your Luxury Short Term Rental

The Michigan Legislature has two bills, Senate Bill 880 and House Bill 4722, aimed at regulating short term rentals in Michigan. House Bill 4722 (“HB 4722”) is also known as the “Realtor Bill,” or the “ban on the ban” bill. The House passed HB 4722 on October 27, 2021, and it proposes to amend the […]