Trusts: A Necessary Estate Planning Tool for One and All

This article addresses the common misconception that your estate is well in hand once they draft a Will, and that Trusts are only necessary for the exceedingly wealthy. This is simply not true. The Trust is a valuable estate planning tool for all, regardless of their financial status. A little-known, but important, benefit of a […]

Michigan Expands Options for Personal Asset Protection

Business owners now have a new way to protect their personal assets. With Governor Snyder’s signing of the Qualified Dispositions in Trust Act (QDTA) on December 5, 2016, Michigan joins 16 other states that permit domestic asset protection trusts (DAPTs). DAPTs are irrevocable trusts which, when drafted and funded correctly, can shield assets in trust […]

Wills, Trusts, and Powers Of Attorney; More Specifically, Why Your Choices Of Who Is To Serve Under A Power Of Attorney, Trust Or Will Are More Important And More Complicated than You Might Think

Estate planning documents can provide significant authority while one is alive, and after passing, of one’s business, personal and medical matters. Given their importance, and as the new year and then tax season are upon us, it is very timely to consider who your choices are in certain legal documents. Selections made should follow careful […]

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