Who We Are

We collaborate. We have fun. We work hard. We count on each other.

Cooper & Riesterer began in 2000 as a boutique business and real estate firm. Growth at Cooper & Riesterer has been intentional. The right characters in the right roles like a well scripted play. Each new character adds to and enhances the whole. While we each have specialties, we believe cross training creates well rounded and more effective lawyers. You have to know enough to know when to seek out your colleagues with the specialties. The litigators get transactional time and the transactional lawyers get time in the court room. This also creates a deep bench of capable expertise that is always available.

Our lawyers come with top flight credentials and awards, litigate complex multi-jurisdictional matters, practice in multiple foreign venues, take the cases that are too complex for other lawyers, speak and teach regularly on topics within their expertise, and in addition, are just really great people.

We are a combination of runners, boxers, golfers, inventors, gardeners, beekeepers, boaters, travelers, hikers, foodies, writers, dog lovers, moms, volunteers, and reality tv stars. An eclectic assortment and we like it that way.




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